Kota Goats are also known as Karoli and these goat breeds are distributed throughout the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kota goats are being raised or reared for milk, meat and skin production. However, mostly this breed is considered as dairy goat. Kota goat is similar to Beetal goat. Kota goats are famous for their horns. Goat farmers who are considering for dairy business can go for this breed. Kota goat skin is popular with the tanning industry.



Basically, Kota goats are large size animal with long legs. Coat color of Kota goat is predominantly black with white spots on ears and muzzle. However, a few white, brown and spotted goats are also found. The body of Kota goat is covered densely with hair which is short and coarse. Both male and female have horns curved upward and backward.

The breed is used mainly for meat. The milk yield is relatively small, about 0.5 kg per day, with an average milk yield of 65 kg over a 120 day lactation period.
Kidding : Usually doe kids twice a year, giving birth to single in 40% while twins in 60% cases, They kid twice a year.